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D.P. Weddings Reviews


When I look back on our wedding expenses, I can say with confidence that D.P. Weddings videography is worth every penny! They truly gave us the best value and experience we could have asked for. What makes D.P. Weddings stand out from the rest is that they come prepared with creative direction. For those of you who may feel awkward in front of a camera, they knows how to tell you exactly what to do without losing the genuine feel of the moment. I was amazed at how well he worked with the photographers and our other vendors! I never had to worry about helping them coordinate.

While we were dancing at the wedding I looked over and saw that he had a monitor set up playing a sneak peak of our highlight video! It was a huge hit with our guests. Just a few days later on our honeymoon we got an email with our finished highlight video! We couldn’t believe how soon it was done! We watch our video over and over again and I honestly believe that no one else could have captured / edited our day better that Aaron and his team. It is very clear that wedding videography is not just work to D.P. Weddings…it is their passion and true joy! Why would you hire anyone else???

-Lauren H.


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