Joal + Samantha

D.P. Weddings, Best Wedding Videographers in New York City - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner

“Absolutely exceptional!
When we watched our highlight video for the first time, Joal and I both sat there in amazement and yes, I definitely teared up. It was as if we were reliving our dream wedding day all over again. I could not, and still can’t stop replaying our timeless video.
Ben was SO awesome to work with during the wedding. He’s so fun and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Most times during the wedding I didn’t even notice him there but he still got all the best footage.
Joal and I spent a lot of time planning out the look and feel of our wedding. We definitely wanted it to be simple and chic but most importantly, we wanted for our family and friends to be able to see “us” and FEEL the 12 years of love Joal and I have been blessed with. Ben and DP Weddings captured it all PERFECTLY! Thank you so much!” – Samantha

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