Step 1. Go Through Training

You can also download and stream the training using the following URL:

Utilize these assets when editing and these tutorials for help with script and titles.

Script Tutorial

Title Tutorial

Step 2. Receive Wedding Edit Assignment

Weddings will be assigned to editors 7 days before the wedding date. When you are assigned a wedding you will receive an email confirming the wedding details and it will be added to your personal edit assignment page (a spreadsheet that should have been sent to you separately). If the wedding you are assigned has a feature edit, you will be responsible for editing the feature edit as well which will also show on your personal edit assignment page.

You will be downloading raw footage for weddings uncompressed from our dropbox using this tutorial.

Step 3. Edit the Highlight

In addition to reviewing the training every few months, please make sure to follow this requirements guide for all highlight edits. Reference this guide when completing every highlight edit. Use which ever song(s) that was/were provided by the client that you feel works best with the footage captured. If you have any concerns regarding the song choices or footage please reach out to dpweddingsonline@gmail.com

Step 4. Submit Highlight Edit

Please upload videos to our vimeo (email us for login information). Please select a visually appealing thumbnail for the video, ideally with both the bride and the groom.

Use these links provided through client emails on your personal edit assignment page to submit edits.

Please save all .prproj project files of very draft and do not ever delete them.


Step 4. Receive Feedback

You can check on the status of the edits on your personal edit assignment page.Once the highlight is approved, you will receive payment. If the client requests revisions, you will be responsible for making the revisions and submitting them within 5 business days. You are responsible for providing one round of revisions for each edit. If the client requests more than one round of changes you will be compensated $50 per additional round. After revisions are made, please replace the original vimeo link video with the new video file that contains the revisions, and then submit the same link through client email link on your personal edit assignment page.

Step 5. Get Paid

You will be paid for all approved edits within a week of the edit being approved. If over 1 month has gone by without a response from the client, you may request payment for edits that haven’t yet been approved using this link.

Step 6. Submit Feature

If the client ordered a feature edit, please edit and submit it within 1 week of the highlight approval. The same revision and payment process for highlights applies for features.