2nd Shooter


2nd Shooter


Camera Settings

Must be a DSLR

1920 x 1080p

24 Frames/Second

Must be recording audio at all times on a shotgun microphone

Most everything shot somewhere between 24mm-70mm



Everything on Tripod with minimal movement

Keep camera at eye level

Make sure that subject is in focus


Getting Ready (Bride and/or Groom)

  • 1 – 5 Segments (2-5 Minutes Each)
  • Funny moments
  • Important Moments (Gift giving, toasts, etc)

Guests during transitional period (Before Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, etc)

All Major Events (First Look, Ceremony, Toasts, etc)

Dancing 5-10 Segments (2-5 Minutes Each)
2nd shooter to deliver all raw footage to first shooter by the end of the day