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D.P. Weddings Reviews


Working with DP Weddings was one of the best decisions we have made during our wedding planning!
After we watched one of their videos, we ended up watching all of the posted videos over and over…we were hooked! We just knew we had to have them!!! No one else even came close!
Video and Photo cost took a large part of our destination wedding budget already, and the decision to spent more money to fly in the DP Weddings team to Mexico was not an easy one…but man, it was so, so WORTH IT!
Our married friends told us: “at the end of the day, after all the fun of our wedding day…all you will be left with are you memories (which will fade), pictures and video. And most of the people that couldn’t make it to your wedding will want to see the wedding highlight video, not your 500 photos…do not save the money of that, it will be all you will have left from your big day!” Sooooo spot on….
And our highlight video is the true testament to that! We have watched it over 30 times! We have showed it (I don’t even know how many times) to EVERYONE that have not made it to the wedding! And all of our guests are madly in love with it! All we keep hearing is “WOOOW, it looks like a commercial!”, “it can’t be real, no one’s wedding is this beautiful”…Well, our video is real and it’s so amazing!
Working with DP Weddings was such a breeze. Starting with the booking, through all the travel bookings we had to do, wedding day and to the post production: super professional, great communication, easy to work with and an amazing delivery time!
During the wedding the guys were practically invisible, like ninjas: we never noticed them, but somehow they captured all of the best moments!!! If they are available on your wedding day, book them asap…you will not regret it!!! We can not recommend them enough, absolutely amazing experience all around!


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