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D.P. Weddings, Best Wedding Videographers in New York City - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner

DPWeddings, along with your photographer, will be HANDS-DOWN the best investments that you make on your wedding day.

My wife and I are both performers and knew our standards were very high when it came to the videography for our big day. We didn’t want a static tripod shot for the ceremony followed by a montage of our guests yelling their special messages into a camera during the reception. We wanted top notch editing that told a story through film. Just watch the highlight videos on their website to understand the quality they deliver.

It was easy to work with Aaron. From our initial Skype meeting where we talked through our vision, budget and package options, to the day of the event, Aaron was relaxed and confident, unobtrusive while personable. Between Aaron and Nathan (his second camera on our day), they captured a ton of amazing shots. In fact, when watching the raw footage, we were amazed at how many places they managed to shoot from without us even noticing. His patience was also endless as we tweaked draft after draft after draft of the highlight video, trying to make sure that we had shots of every important guest and detail included.

(This is why you need to book DPWeddings for your wedding.)

No wedding is perfect. Small (or large) fires need to be put out during the course of the event. Some individual moments will be frustrating or stressful or disappointing. It’s just the nature of weddings: HUGE expectations for an event executed by mere mistake-making humans. However, the memory of the day *as a whole* is what will stick with you through the years. Most of us don’t have time to sit through a 2 hour video to reminisce on the day. Most people don’t want to watch your wedding beginning-to-end, no matter how eager you are to share.

However – a short highlight video captures and REINFORCES everything that really mattered. How you felt. What it looked like. The support and happiness of your friends and family. The little details that you slaved over that turned out absolutely perfect. Every time you share the video and watch it again, even over the shoulder of the person you are sharing it with – the magic of the day becomes more concrete while the little things that went wrong fade away. Aaron does an amazing job of capturing (and even adding to) that magic. At the end of the day, that’s really what you are hiring him to do. #100PercentWorthIt

-Kenny H.


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